The Present

The Present is where we live. The Present is the gift we have been given – and not just for birthdays and holidays. The Present is sometimes hard to find, and often hard to keep. The Present is microscopic but lasts forever. The Present is where there is no pain, no struggle, no excitement, no randomness, and no stress. The Present is calm. The Present is where we connect with nature and existence. The Present is available to everyone. The Present cannot be a goal, it is the journey. The Present is here, now…..

As I transition through the different layers of life, I’m always in and out of the present moment. Currently I’m growing wings to help me figure out the best way to share my life with each of you and take in your experiences as well. Much of what I write about comes from personal experiences, but I am often moved by things I see in the life of others and I crave to share your stories in music as well. Once my wings come in, I’d like to fly your way and hear your stories and write songs for you. I will explain more over the next few weeks. In the meantime, start thinking about what moves you and maybe we can share your experiences together, if not in song, at least in story…

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