Yesterday Ended Last Night

The title of this post is something that I have to remind myself of on a daily basis. And yet, you would think it obvious?

I took this picture from inside a capsule up in the London Eye a while back. It’s a slightly Photoshop effected version of what it feels like looking out of my head on a regular basis. Anyway, I thought it appropriate to bring it out today, given the olympics and all.

I have so many things that I’m working on. So many things that I’m thinking. And yet the main question that goes through my mind is… do I let anyone else know what is going on in there? How much of my craziness do I actually share with other people before I scare them off?? See, the truth is, I have already re-written these 5 lines several times and modified how much of me that I have exposed. I think over the next few months as I move towards my next CD release I will have to grapple with how much of my thought process I will actually share and just test the waters. (and will gauge that by how often I end up sitting at the far end of the long table at group dinners).

But the bottom line is (and that’s why I put it down here), I want to hear YOUR thoughts. So, if I can figure out how to turn on comments, I will!!

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    Want to hear more! -Kybo

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