Day 7 Studio

Day 7 Studio: Started working on Shut My Mouth overdubs on day 7. This was very interesting because the song took so many different paths. We tried a new bass line, tried some electric guitar, tried some crazy keyboard parts, but the instrumentation just wasn’t clicking the way I wanted. I had a good feeling for this song and it wasn’t manifesting the way I had hoped. We closed it out for the day and decided it just needed some time to evolve. Looking back, the song structure, melody and rhythm never changed. But all the surrounding instruments did. Will tell you more about it on a later day. This picture is John Plymale, engineer/producer, offering his sage advice, which was probably something like: “Debbie, you should stop eating junk food and drinking Mt. Dew and we wouldn’t have days like this…..” Or better yet… “let’s try that one more time..”

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