Day 8 Studio

On day 8 Mike Garrigan finished up the electric guitar parts for My Hurricane and I worked on the acoustic guitar for On My Own. I played the main rhythm part and Mike added color throughout the song. There is actually no electric guitar in On My Own. It’s a full band, but guitar-wise, all acoustic.

It was a good day for guitar. I tried some vocals later on and they didn’t quite work out like I wanted. It’s kind of like playing soccer when I try to play keeper in the first half and forward in the second half – it doesn’t always work out too well. At least I haven’t scored on my own goal. But it is hard to change the mindset sometimes on the same day or in the same game. Anyway, no vocal keepers for today. (No pun intended).

For those interested in the details, Mike used a Strat on the electric parts for My Hurricane. In On My Own, we used a combination of my 3 acoustic guitars – a Martin HD28 CTB (only 97 made in the world – this one’s my baby), a Taylor 810, and my Goodall with Koa back and sides (yes, that’s Koa, a type of Hawaiian wood, and the name of my dog.)

(Picture is of Mike worshiping the guitar gods in the studio).

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