Day 9 Studio

On Day 9, Mike Garrigan laid down a track of what he described as “one of the best guitar solos I’ve ever recorded”. I haven’t heard them all, but this one blew me aaawayyy.

Just An Image is a song that I wrote when I was a teenager – and is actually my mom’s favorite. I have released 3 albums prior to this one and have never recorded this song. Until now. It is now one of My favorites. It has been revised and updated of course, but those that may have heard me play it in my younger years will still recognize it clearly. Mom actually co-wrote one part of the song with me. It’s actually the best part of the song – the bridge (all the great musicians on this album agree on that). And that is the section that Mike played the solo on. Mom rocks.

Guitar info: Mike used an Epiphone Casino and a Gibson SG.

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