Rush Hour – Liske Greatest Hits at age 19

When I was a junior in high school, my best friend was a senior and was getting ready to head off to college when I decided at the last minute (like I do with many creative endeavors) to record as many of my original songs as possible so she could take the tape with her into her new world. Unfortunately, I only had one hour to record the songs before she left. So I pulled out my little Takamine guitar and my handheld cassette recorder and played as many as I could in 60 minutes. I kept the songs short and I think I probably played them really fast, so I managed to get about 20 songs recorded. I called that (though not anymore!) my first album, and I named it RUSH HOUR (appropriately).

Over the next couple of years I went back and added a few more songs to Rush Hour and re-recorded it onto a 90min cassette tape. I ended up with 32 original songs on it by the time I was 19 years old. I still have the tape today and scanned in the label to share it with you. The oldest song on there was written when I was 12.

Rush Hour - Greatest Hits at age 19

Rush Hour – Greatest Hits at age 19

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