Hurricane Sandy – Red Cross Day 0

As I sit on the runway in the plane, I’m told that we have a 30 minute delay to just sit still and hang out, and for the first time I didn’t get frustrated at all – first off because I don’t have a connecting flight but secondly, I’m going to a place where people have lost their homes and are staying in shelters and with friends indefinitely. Even though this flight was delayed 45 minutes to begin with and now I am sitting in the last row of the small plane next to the bathroom on the runway for another 30 minutes fighting off occasional bouts of claustrophobia it is now very easy to put it all into perspective and not make it bigger than it is.

Just landed in JFK. In a Super Shuttle with 9 other people. I know there is an Arrested Development episode like this. Anyway, 4 of us are Red Cross volunteers. Some have been in many disasters like Katrina and Gustav. Two of us are first timers. Find out assignments tomorrow. Keep you posted.

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