Debbie Liske Performs Original Song for American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Bulk Distribution

During a 2 week deployment with the Red Cross in NY for Hurricane Sandy, I met an amazing group of volunteers working in bulk distribution and wrote the this song for them. I was really happy that I took my Baby Taylor guitar with me! Lyrics below the video: (switch to Hi-Def if you can)

Hurricane Sandy Bulk Distribution Team Song

You may have spent some time in Paris, or maybe some time in Rome
You may have traveled all over the world, or discovered the unknown
But everybody’s got a place they like to call their own
But most of us have no idea what it’s like to lose our home

We’re gonna drive those trucks
Gonna comb those streets
Gonna help them get back on their feet
Gonna give our time, help them find
A way to believe that they’re gonna survive

We are the Red Cross, and we distribute for their lives

We wake up every morning and get ready for our day
And the sun is still in hiding but you can’t keep us away
So we load up with the things that can help a family through
We may not have everything they need but we do all we can do

Repeat CH:

Some are here for 14 days some are here for 21, some work thru the holiday
Some are here till the work is done
But we are all one and the same and we all do our part
And we don’t do it for ourselves
“cross our hearts”

Repeat CH:

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