This Is Little Bo

This is Little Bo. He was found hiding under my parents back door steps in December of 1999. Two weeks later my dad died suddenly of a heart attack. Today, Bo has gone to see his dad. I’m sure they have lots of catching up to do…

….Hi Dad, it’s me Bo. Mom let me come to see you today, even though she didn’t want to. She didn’t want to be selfish and she knew that it was your turn to be my daddy now. Mom is so awesome. She is the strongest human I know. She sure missed you when you left, but I helped her through it. I was afraid of Kitty-Kat for a while, but I got used to her. Mom has kept up all your great work on the house – and she does it all herself. I surveyed the 4 acres of land daily, from one end to the other, to make sure she was safe and things were ok. The well ran dry a couple of times, but when it did, I helped water the flowers for her. I also helped out with the mouse population, but I don’t think mom enjoyed it when I would show her my captures.

Oh, by the way, I started sleeping on the furniture when you left. Mom said it was ok cause I was such a good boy. My snoring didn’t seem to bother her. I howled all night long, just to warn anyone within a mile of the house to stay away. Except this one time when a new kitten suckered mom into believing she was helpless. Ugh. She’s ok I guess. Her name is Dessie which is short for Destiny. I guess that’s a good name, for a cat and all.

I can’t wait to see my sister Taylor again. I’m so glad you’re here for me. I miss mom, but she’s got her hands full with my other sisters – and with other cats and dogs that keep showing up at our door. I’m sure glad you moved into that house. I didn’t like being a hunting dog and I sure picked the right place to hide. I asked Debbie last weekend to make sure people get in touch with mom when I leave so that she’s ok. Maybe she’ll post it on TailBook – or whatever that computer thing is called – so that people can rub her tummy when she feels bad like she did for me.

I miss you mommy. I love you daddy. Let’s go for a run!


For Bo Liske. And for Jane Liske. And Dad. From Debbie Liske


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