Storm Tracker

I survived a hurricane. And I’m finally ready to share the story with others.

Having volunteered for the Red Cross recently, I’ve been able to connect directly with people impacted by disasters. I’ve seen and felt their pain. I’ve tried to help when help was not enough. I’ve felt small in their insurmountable world of turmoil. In their struggles, I could only offer a smile and a warm blanket. A hurricane can whirl through your life in one day, but it can take years for the storm to actually end.

My Hurricane happened on Christmas Day, 1999. But the storm raged on for almost a year. When it came to an abrupt halt, the second wave began. I floundered in the sands of recovery for a while, but was not pulled back out into the dark waters of the storm.

I know that a care-kit and pre-made meals may not be enough, but sometimes it’s all we have to give, and it helps more than we know. So, I’m going to share my personal story of a different kind of survival to people that may be fighting the same storm right NOW, with nowhere to turn. It may only feel like a hug when what’s needed is faith and compassion, but it’s all I have to give.

I’ll share the story through song and video in August. Until then, keep an eye on the weather and follow my storm tracker.


  1. Patricia A Dumenil

    “Thank You Providence” is such a beautiful song. I too am a singer/guitarist who owns a dog and three cats as well. I however live in the mid-west and haven’t experienced a hurricane. God bless your efforts to give help.

    • Debbie Liske

      Thanks so much Patricia! With the Red Cross I’ve worked through fires, flash floods, and a hurricane – but never a tornado. Hopefully you have not experienced one of those in the mid-west.

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