Run Run Song and Video Remake (Debbie Liske live Performance)


I believe that music and animals can make the world a better place. To everyone who has lost a pet, here is a song that will hopefully make things a tiny bit better.

To everyone who has sent in photos of your pets that have found their way to the rainbow bridge, their lives are celebrated within the music and lyrics.

Run Run is a song I wrote and performed live in 2004 for my dog Kamir. It took 10 years for me to watch this video of the performance. So I added some pictures of Kamir into the video and shared it with others. I was stunned when I began to receive tons of feedback from people who have lost their pets and found comfort in the lyrics and melody. People began to send me photos to add their pet to the video. And at the same time, I lost more pets in my own family. This video is a remake of the original Run Run video — with furry family members that have had a huge impact on our lives.

Run Run is for all animals that have warmed our hearts, calmed our souls, and loved us unconditionally.


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