You’ve got to be kidding me!

When I finally uploaded my new video, My Hurricane, to YouTube, I filled in the description, added the tags/keywords (like addiction, depression, pills, recovery, etc..) and watched it online for the first time. I leaned back, savored the moment, smiled, and BOOM – an advertisement for WINE popped up right in the middle of the screen. I was shocked (because I had turned OFF ads), pissed off (when I realized that my digital distributor was running them and it would take 30 days to stop), and worried that the message would be lost with the distraction. But in less than 30 minutes, I found myself laughing hysterically at the irony. So, if anyone sees an Ambien ad pop up, please let me know. I could use another laugh.

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  1. Linda M

    laughing and moving on is the name of the game, rule # 62 !

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