Release Me!!

Fifteen months ago I made a life decision to go full time as an independent musician. Ten months ago I got sick and lost the ability to sing. Nine months ago I had throat surgery. I have been in voice therapy ever since. Now, I HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY RELEASED FROM THERAPY having shown significant improvement in voice function. I can now begin to sing more and sing longer. Ironically, I have “officially released” a video and an album this summer, but it never occurred to me that “I” would be the next release. Thanks to all the new folks who have joined my path recently and thanks to those of you who have been here since the beginning. Love you all!! SING!


  1. Rodger Shamblin


    I’ve followed you since we were kids. I made mistakes. You made mistakes. We made our first record together. You performed live for the first time with my band. Two of us are still here. Barely. All around me are gone. I relive my mistakes through music. I think you should hear. You would be the missing. Through E. Sides and myself. Rodger

    The fear of the World Rests on our shoulders. Help us find peace.

    Play and finish. Rodger

    Debbie–I’ve known for long that there was something missing. Find the magic that we’ve known. Buddy and I still play and write. It was with you that this began. I boldly write. neusemusic…find me. I’ve been in a Hurricane since Six Forks Rd. Be well. You are a blessing to the few. Make it the many Deb.


    • Rodger, I can’t believe I did not see this post until now. Your words moved me – and motivated me. I hope that you can channel your Hurricane for good things. Please stay in touch. Debbie

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