Bands4Good Challenge – Doing Good with Music!

My new song Extra Mile has been entered in an online challenge along with other NC independent artists to raise money for a great cause. Read more details below:

(if don’t want to read the details, you can go straight to the link, watch the video, create and account and Vote for Extra Mile, and submit a tax-deductible donations to the causes mentioned below. Vote for Extra Mile in Bands4Good Challenge



North Carolina has the 3rd largest military population in the United States.

North Carolina has the highest pet euthanasia rate in the Nation.


I have committed to personally raising $1000 to support a wonderful cause and I hope you consider donating to help me reach my goal.


Our nation’s military veterans and active duty personnel based out of North Carolina are desperately in need of help. They are served by several non-profit organizations that are overwhelmed by the demand. One organization in particular is called Wags4Tags. Their objective is to rescue as many dogs as possible from kill shelters and train them as therapy dogs to serve veterans suffering from psychological disabilities, PTSD, depression and anxiety. Together, the rescued Support Dog and the veteran can heal through unconditional love, trust and loyalty.


The way I raise money for Wags4Tags along with several other non-profits is through my music. I was nominated to be a contestant in the Bands4Good 2013 Challenge which is an online fundraising charitable American Idol type of event where independent NC musicians write a cause related song, present it in a video, and promote the song by getting votes and donations.


The interesting part is that your donations not only support the cause, but they also support me as an independent artist. Your dollars go to the non-profit organizations as a tax-deductible donation – AND those dollars convert into VOTES for me. The finalists with the most votes get a major boost in their hard earned music career with prizes such as studio time, industry exposure, a 3-song CD, and more.


The finalists will be chosen on November 2nd – only one week from now. My song, Extra Mile, is brand new off my latest album and this is an incredible opportunity for exposure. I have created a lyric video for the contest and you can watch it, vote and donate all at the link below.


Click here to: Vote for Extra Mile in Bands4Good Challenge


I have never asked for charitable donations before because I know there are so many needs to fill, so if you would prefer to vote without donating, there is a free coupon in the checkout process for one vote. You can do that every day until the contest ends.


Thank you again for supporting me in my musical journey – and especially the men and women in our military who keep our nation safe.


In song,


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