Stand Up!

I am embarrassed to say that at my last concert I specifically stated that I am not an activist. I said this just before I played my song entitled “Stand Up” (which is about standing up for yourself and speaking out about who you are and being ok with it). Clearly, I’m conflicted. I don’t look for controversy, but I care passionately about equal rights, human rights and animal rights, so I try to share my feelings in a very subtle way. But now, I am going to be more direct.

I have held many benefit concerts in the past ranging from breast cancer awareness, childhood education, arts in schools, the elderly, wildlife and many animal charities, but I feel that the time is right for a change in focus. This time I looked for a cause that drives action for social change and strives to empower communities.

My next concert is to support and benefit those people who are underrepresented and who can’t find a “voice” in society. The beneficiary for this concert is an inclusive network of everyday activists, united with a sustained commitment to secure equity, opportunity and social justice for all. They are called “Together We Will – NC”. The concert will be a fun evening of original music with a chance to learn about Together We Will and how we can all help to improve the world through “action, education, advocacy, community service and amplification of historically underrepresented voices”.

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