Extra Mile

Debbie Liske has recorded the first album of her career that combines all of her thoughts and emotions into one package of songs that smoothly blend the common traits of funk, rock, pop, and bluesy ballads to form what is best...

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Back Around

Sometimes described as “acousti-funk rock”, Back Around is most often described as a “much-needed change.” From the funky groove of the wurlitzer in the first song to the wah-pedal in the second, from the haunting...

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This I Know Is So

Although not her first release, Debbie often refers to This I Know Is So as her true debut album. With full instrumentation covering a bluesy horn section to a screaming Telecaster, this CD dangles on the edges of jazz, blues and...

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Heart Thoughts

Debbie’s first release – a solo, acoustic album entitled Heart Thoughts ia a collection of introspective songs about living and loving in a world mostly hidden from society. This album was remastered onto CD in 2009...

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