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The Coalition to Unchain Dogs improves the welfare of dogs by reaching out to populations that face cultural and practical barriers in accessing services for their pets. By offering free wellness care, spay/neuter, vaccinations and fences, and by providing nonjudgmental assistance and building relationships within the community, the Coalition to Unchain Dogs bolsters connections between dogs and their human companions. See their website and Facebook page:


Coalition to Unchain Dogs Facebook Page

Meals on Wheels provides food for home-bound seniors with limited mobility. Roughly half of the seniors who are enrolled in MOW have pets. Several years ago, drivers began noticing that some of their elderly clients were sharing their meals with their pets. Those dogs and cats are important for people struggling to remain independent. So now, MOW volunteers deliver pet food as well – but it is not in the budget and therefore depends on donations. See their website and Facebook page:


Meals On Wheels of Durham Facebook Page


PLEASE NOTE: I’m so sad to say that the organization had to dissolve – they did such an incredible service for wildlife. They will be missed. You can still like their Facebook Page to show you care…

The Triangle Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic provides care for sick, injured, and orphaned native North American wildlife, and promotes conservation and preservation of native wildlife and natural ecosystems through education.

I have a huge window all across the back wall of my home and birds fly into it all the time. Several times I have called the TWRC and asked what to do about the birds that just lie motionless, but alive, on my back deck, and they have always helped me. I recently carried an injured dove in to them and they kept me informed of the progress of the bird and eventually released it with other doves once it had recovered. And they do this for all kinds of wildlife – and all for free – based on donations they receive from people with good hearts who want to preserve wildlife in the area.

The fans at my recent show at Open Eye Cafe made a small donation into the tip jar to support this organization. It was small in number, but sizable in the number of lives it will save. Thanks to those at the show, and thanks to the TWRC for the great and needed work that you do!!

Visit their website and facebook pages below:


TWRC Facebook Page – Like their page!

The Pay It Forward Experience  is based on the The Pay It Forward Foundation which is a non-profit organization that leads a worldwide movement committed to inspiring, recognizing, and celebrating the kindness and gratitude of individuals who simply choose to pay it forward.

Pay It Forward Mission: To inspire and educate individuals of all ages and walks of life about the human impact of making a personal decision to change the world through simple acts of kindness—big or small. To help the world reclaim simplicity in a complex world.

Pay It Forward GOAL:  Worldwide engagement of the pay-it-forward philosophy, to re-establish the Human Connection in an all digital world and help people understand they can do something good for someone right now!

I back this cause 100% and truly believe in the power of random acts of kindness.

My recent performance was an advocacy event for the concept of Pay It Forward. Everyone in attendance received a Pay It Forward bracelet with the hope that they would perform a random act of kindness for someone and transfer the bracelet to them in order to promote kindness and proliferate the movement. Thanks to all in attendance and please let me know of any stories you may experience!

Please visit their website at: http://www.pifexperience.org or their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/payitforwardexperience

I have taken several courses at my local Red Cross chapter as well as a few online classes – all free – and I have learned that of the 70,000 disasters that the Red Cross responds to every year, HOME FIRES are the most common. So if you think that natural or man-made disasters do not apply to you, think about that fact. And think about who is living in your home that is important to you..


go to the Red Cross site here.

Random Acts of Kindness is a great site that I have visited for years now. The RAK Foundation is based on the concept of “Inspiring people to practice kindness and pass it on to others.”

If you’re ever having a bad day, or you don’t feel good about yourself, visit this site and find something really simple that you can do really quick – something easy – and do it. You will feel better about yourself in 5 minutes or less. Guaranteed.

For example, hold a door open for someone, smile at a stranger, feed someone’s empty parking meter. There is a slew of ideas that you can browse on their site.

My favorite one is to grab extra shampoo and soap when you stay at a hotel and drop them off at a local shelter. The hotel folks will often just give you a few extra if you tell them what you what them for. So simple.

Check out the site here.