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Debbie Liske

Soulful Resilience: The Musical Evolution of an Inspiring Artist

"Debbie Liske's mission is to inspire and resonate with audiences through her unique blend of rock, funk, and soulful acoustic ballads. Her music serves as a beacon of hope, providing a voice for unspoken emotions and fostering a deep connection with her listeners. With each performance and project, Debbie strives to not only share her musical journey but to also make a lasting impact on the community and uplift the human spirit."

The Full Story


Musical Evolution

Debbie Liske is a singer/songwriter whose music blends the common traits across acoustic rock, funk, pop, and bluesy ballads to create songs that fit any mood. Based on hope, inspiration and transparency, her music and artistry reveal personal life experiences that are often felt by many, but discussed by few.


Debbie hopes that her music and her story find a way into the lives of people that need it most. According to nationally acclaimed musician and two-time Grammy award winning audio engineer and director, Karen Greene, “Debbie’s music really speaks through, not only the melodies, but through the unique lyrics.”


Whether performed by just Debbie and her acoustic guitar, or a full 6 piece band, each of her songs has a story that can sneak into a stranger’s heart and mind as if it was written for them.

Harmonic Journey

In the opening notes of her career, Debbie and her band embarked on an East Coast odyssey, journeying from Atlanta's vibrant scenes to the bustling stages of NYC. Their mission: to echo her albums across the airwaves, with local radios weaving their tunes into the daily rhythm of life. They graced festivals and myriad venues, steadily composing a symphony of followers along the East Coast.


Transitioning from these performances, Debbie now resonates with local harmonies, often lending her melodies to the heartstrings of local charitable causes. This evolving musical narrative is now etched across six albums, each a testament to her enduring artistry.


Recent Adventures

Debbie has been exploring the world of funk music, and her upcoming album, "Wah Not?", showcases her growth and evolution as an artist. Incorporating a 360 Fireglo Rickenbacker into her guitar collection, Debbie has unlocked a whole new realm of songs into her prolific catalog of original music . From ballads to smooth grooves to R&B to funk, "Wah Not?" is a tour de force of rhythmic sounds and stories of resilience and strength.


Many of the songs on the album feature the distinctive sound of the wah pedal, and Debbie's reason for using it on most of her new songs is simply ”wah not?" This album is sure to make you take notice of her unique style, but her message remains the same - one of determination, positivity, and hope. With "Wah Not?", Debbie Liske proves once again that she is a force to be reckoned with in the world of singer-songwriters.

Contributing Musicians

Throughout her career, Debbie has collaborated with many incredible supporting musicians, some of whom have made guest appearances on her recordings. These include notable musicians such as Scott Sawyer (Nnenna Freelon), Rob Ladd (Alanis Morissette, Don Henley), Karen Greene, Chip Crawford, Stacy Guess (Squirrel Nut Zippers), Will McFarlane (Bonnie Raitt), Robert Sledge (Ben Folds) and Dale Baker (Sixpence None the Richer).

Her Extra Mile album production process took her from Overdub Lane studios in Durham NC, to Washington DC, and finally to NYC for mastering by Greg Calbi at the world renowned Sterling Studios. 

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